Indian Head Massage

Calm and unwind as soothing massage techniques are applied to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face to relieve stress and tension throughout the whole body. Indian Head Massage creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm and is effective for reducing emotional and mental stress, easing headaches, improving poor sleep patterns and helping with the symptoms of sinusitis, tinnitus & headaches. 

How does Indian Head Massage work?

Based on the Ayurvedic system of medicine, massage techniques are applied to the upper body and head encouraging the supply of oxygen to the brain, and is particularly effective in relieving stress and tension in these areas. I combine my treatments with subtle facial pressure points called marma points to help stimulate energy flow in the body along with specific acupressure points to clear and balance the meridian channels and the seven chakras in the body.

What is a treatment like?

You can choose to remain seated or reclined on my luxurious treatment bed. You will be wrapped in warm blankets while you listen to relaxing music and enjoy your treatment. 

I choose oils specific to your hair and skin type for the scalp and face massage (although this is optional) which help to strengthen the hair, remove dryness and improve the condition of the skin. You remain fully clothed during the treatment and it is advisable to wear a top without a collar and remove any jewellery.

How can it help me?

Indian Head Massage can alleviate the symptoms of any stress-related condition and is particularly effective in relieving muscular tension in the head, neck and shoulders. Its energy balancing effects can reduce emotional stress, improve headaches, poor sleep patterns and help with the symptoms of sinusitis and tinnitus. Scalp massage improves circulation to the head, encouraging hair growth and improving the condition of the hair.

Make a booking

A treatment lasts 1 hour and costs £45. Initial treatments will require a full consultation form to be completed to ensure that the reflexology will not interfere with any other treatments or conditions you may have.

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs and last for 1 hour (1hr 15mins for initial treatment). For a longer, deeper experience, add a 30 minute Indian Head Massage, or Meridian arm massage to complement your treatment. Click here to book or contact us.