Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a gentle and nurturing therapy particularly useful for balancing the body’s energy systems both physically and emotionally, providing a pure inner calm. Based on the ancient method of crystal healing, intuitively chosen crystals are laid on or around the body on points indicated by a pendulum to help balance and align the seven major Chakras, or energy hot-spots, meridians and any other conditions specific to you to treat the body as a whole, bringing about a deep sense of stillness and an increased sense of emotional and physical wellbeing.

How does Crystal Healing work?

Crystals have their own unique energies and qualities and by placing crystals on the body their healing can be absorbed into the chakras and the surrounding area. Chakras are located along the spine from the crown to the base and provide a link between our emotional mental selves and our physical selves. They can be described as energy turbines in the body, ensuring the flow of energy around the body when in a state of balance. The stresses and strains of every day life can move the chakras out of balance and working with crystals helps to address the cause of any energy imbalance triggering the body’s own self healing energies to restore a natural state of balance and good health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is a treatment like?

You can choose to remain seated or reclined on my luxurious treatment bed. You will be wrapped in warm blankets while you listen to relaxing music and enjoy your treatment. Intuitively chosen crystals are placed on or around the body as indicated by the chakras and pendulum before each area is worked using a crystal wand. You may feel sensations of heat or coolness, see colours, lights or images. Every feeling is ok and can be different at each treatment.

How can it help me?

Working with crystals is very special and their healing can be absorbed into the chakras and surrounding area of the body. Working on a physical, spiritual and emotional level this helps to clear and balance the energy system promoting a deep sense of inner calm and stillness.

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A treatment lasts 1 hour and costs £45. Initial treatments will require a full consultation form to be completed to ensure that the reflexology will not interfere with any other treatments or conditions you may have.

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs and last for 1 hour (1hr 15mins for initial treatment). For a longer, deeper experience, add a 30 minute Reflexology or Reiki session to complement your treatment. Click here to book or contact us.