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Welcome to Clara Rose Therapies in Wantage; Reflexology and Complementary Therapies for Health and Relaxation

Welcome to Clara Rose Therapies

Hello, my name is Rosie Pickerill.

I am a fully qualified and insured Reflexologist and a member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

I’ve always been interested in holistic therapies and well-being and have been lucky enough to have the chance to retrain in a job I love. After using reflexology successfully to treat myself and my children I knew it was the path I wanted to follow.


A deeply calming and relaxing therapy that works the whole body through the hands, face or feet. Specific pressure techniques are used to work the nerve endings and acupressure points to de-stress and balance the body, leaving you with an improved sense of emotional and physical wellbeing. Choose from six different reflexology options; hypnotic Facial, gentle Crystals, warming Hot Stones, Lymph Drainage for inflammatory conditions, classical Hand and Foot or try a blended Reflexology treatment.

Indian Head Massage

Calm and unwind as soothing massage techniques are applied to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face to relieve stress and tension throughout the whole body. Facial pressure points (marma points) are also used to stimulate energy flow in the body to further enhance the treatment. Indian Head Massage is effective for reducing emotional stress and tension, improving poor sleep patterns and helping with the symptoms of sinusitis, tinnitus & headaches. 


A gentle yet powerful hands on therapy harnessing the universal life force or energy that is all around us. Creating a deep sense of relaxation, Reiki restores balance and harmony to the mind, body and emotions. Reiki can help alleviate the symptoms of any stress-related condition and is particularly effective in reducing emotional stress and tension. Its energy balancing effects can improve poor sleep patterns, boost mood and increase your overall well-being.

Meridian Massage

A rhythmic and harmonising massage of the forearms or lower legs allowing you to relax and tune in to your own body. Adapted Tui Na meridian massage techniques are used to gently open and clear the meridian pathways and stimulate acupressure points to improve and regulate the flow of energy through the whole body. Deeply relaxing and supportive, Meridian Massage will help to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, improve sleep and gently bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

My Approach

Giving yourself permission to take time out to look after yourself is an important step in your wellness journey. As a Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Indian Head Massage therapist I can tailor each of my treatments specifically to your needs with a combination of therapies. Working gently and intuitively, I can give you the valuable time and space you need to relax and unwind in my tranquil and comforting treatment room. Personalised after care advice is offered to help you take control of your own well-being.

Crystal Healing

A gentle, nurturing therapy particularly useful for balancing the body’s energy systems both physically and emotionally, providing a pure inner calm. Based on the ancient method of crystal healing, intuitively chosen crystals are laid on or around the body on points indicated by a pendulum to help balance and align the seven major Chakras, or energy hot-spots, meridians and any other conditions specific to you. Crystal healing can bring about a deep sense of stillness and an increased sense of well-being.

Benefits of Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies treat you holistically as a person to increase your overall well-being. Most people find they gain a deep sense of relaxation during the treatment, allowing the body to activate its own healing processes.

Treatments can aid in the release of stress and tension, regulate sleep patterns and improve mood leading to an increased sense of well-being both physically, mentally and emotionally.

Improves sleep

Sense of well-being

Aids relaxation

Helps relieve tension

Improves mood

Forget your stress

Feeling happier

News & Updates

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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

How often should I have a treatment?

This will be different for each person and the symptoms being addressed. Some people like to book a block of six treatments to quickly get on top of their symptoms and then gradually space out their sessions, whereas others prefer to take it more slowly with monthly treatments. The right answer is what feels right for you.

What should I expect in a treatment?

All treatments are tailored to your specific needs and take place on my luxurious reclining treatment bed. You will remain fully clothed except for the area being worked on. You will be wrapped in warm blankets and soft towels before being treated with your choice of organic, vegan facial oils and foot wax while you listen to soothing music, relax and drift away.

What treatment should I choose?

All my treatments are holistic; treating the whole of the body and mind. Foot reflexology is a good starting point if you are not sure what to choose. If you have a tight neck and shoulders you may want to try Indian Head massage or if you are looking for some inner calm Reiki or Crystal healing may be right for you. Please contact me to discuss if you are unsure.

What is your availability?

You will normally be able to get an appointment within a week and can check my calendar using the ‘Book an Appointment’ button at the top of the page. Alternatively, please contact me directly to arrange a session. My working hours are listed below.

Can I purchase vouchers?

What better gift than the gift of relaxation. Vouchers are sent with a treatment menu and information leaflet and are available for any denomination. For more information and payment details please see our pricing page.

Do you have special offers?

Offers are detailed on the pricing page and are updated regularly to allow everyone to enjoy their favourite treatment. To get early access to these offers and other information please sign up for my newsletter.

Get in Touch

Phone/text:- 01235 771617 07739 287386

Email:- directly to or use the contact form below.

We endeavour to answer all emails as soon as possible. By contacting us you are confirming that you have read the privacy notice (see below) and understand that we will hold and use your personal information, using it to contact you and handle bookings, and to provide you with the best possible treatment options and advice in line with the statements contained in it.


Your Personal Information – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is bringing in new legal protection for personal information from May 2018. This tells you what personal information I gather via my website, and why, and what your rights are.

Therapist’s Name/Identity: Clara Rose Therapies/Rosie Pickerill

Therapist’s Contact Details:

Telephone No: 01235 771617/ 07739 287386

Email Address:

Address: 31 Wolage Drive, Grove, OX12 9FB

Data Controller Contact Details: As above

The Purpose of processing Client Data

In order to give professional reflexology treatments, I will need to gather and retain potentially sensitive information about your health. I will only use this information for informing reflexology treatments and associated recommendations concerning aspects of health and well-being which I will offer to you. I take basic contact details and information via my website to allow me to contact you and handle bookings.

Lawful Basis for holding and using Client Information

As a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I abide by their Code of Practice and Ethics. The lawful basis under which I hold and use your information my legitimate interests requirement to retain the information in order to provide you with the best possible treatment options and advice and for legal and insurance purposes.

As I hold special category data (i.e. health related information), the Additional Condition under which I hold and use this information is: for me to fulfil my role as a health care practitioner bound under the AoR Confidentiality as defined in the AoR Code of Practice and Ethics.

What Information I Hold and What I do with it

In order to give professional reflexology treatments, I will need to ask for and keep information about your health. I will only use this for informing reflexology treatments and any advice I give as a result of your treatment. The information to be held is:

  • Your contact details
  • Medical history and other health-related information (which I will take from you at first consultation)
  • Treatment details and related notes (which I will take after each consultation)

I will NOT share your information with anyone else (other than within my own practice, or as required for legal process) without explaining why it is necessary, and getting your explicit consent.

How Long I Retain Your Information For

I will keep your information for the following periods

All treatment records for 7 years after the last treatment to comply with my insurance regulations.

All children’s treatment records until the child is 25 or if 17 when treated, then 26 to comply with the law regarding children’s records and my insurance regulations.

Your data will not be transferred outside the EU without your consent.

Protecting Your Personal Data

I am committed to ensuring that your personal data is secure. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, I have put in place appropriate technical, physical and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect from you.

I will contact you using the contact preferences you give me in relation to:

  • Appointment times
  • Reflexology information or information related to your health
  • Special offers and promotions (you may unsubscribe from this at any time)

Your Rights

GDPR gives you the following rights:

  • The right to be informed:
  • To know how your information will be held and used (this notice).The right of access:
  • To see your therapist’s records of your personal information, so you know what is held about you and can verify it.The right to rectification:
  • To tell your therapist to make changes to your personal information if it is incorrect or incomplete.The right to erasure (also called “the right to be forgotten”):
  • For you to request your therapist to erase any information they hold about youThe right to restrict processing of personal data:.
  • You have the right to request limits on how your therapist uses your personal informationThe right to data portability: under certain circumstances you can request a copy of personal information held electronically so you can reuse it in other systems.The right to object:.
  • To be able to tell your therapist you don’t want them to use certain parts of your information, or only to use it for certain purposes.Rights in relation to automated decision-making and profiling.
  • The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office:
  • To be able to complain to the ICO if you feel your details are not correct, if they are not being used in a way that you have given permission for, or if they are being stored when they don’t have to be.

Full details of your rights can be found at

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please use the contact details given above.If you are dissatisfied with the response you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office; their contact details are at:

Therapist's Rights

Please note:

  • if you don’t agree to your therapist keeping records of information about you and your treatments, or if you don’t allow them to use the information in the way they need to for treatments, the therapist may not be able to treat you
  • Your therapist has to keep your records of treatment for a certain period as described above, which may mean that even if you ask them to erase any details about you, they might have to keep these details until after that period has passed
  • Your therapist can move their records between their computers and IT systems, as long as your details are protected from being seen by others without your permission.


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My Location

We are based a 5 minute drive from the centre of both Wantage and Grove and a 20 minute drive from Didcot and Abingdon. Easy parking is available if you are travelling by car. Please click on the map below to view our location and get directions.

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Monday: 9am – 4pm

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